wtorek, 10 lutego 2015

Karl-Edwin Guerre - street-style photographer with a great Style.

Karl-Edwin Guerre:
“When it comes to style, it’s no different than life; the key is getting to know oneself. It’s about a cycle of stages during which you have opportunities to experiment with cut, fit and color. When that’s said and done, you get to play up your personality because your clothes are essentially a reflection of who you are, and therefore, it demonstrates what rings true for your lifestyle.”
“I have one rule when it comes to selecting my own clothes and accessories: stay true to yourself. The same applies to people that I want to shoot. If there is no specific look that captivates my eye, I make up for it with attitude. I call it a ‘peaceful confidence’. Dressing up/ style is about enhancing the true you, not contriving yourself to a look that doesn’t fit in with your real essence.
Source: sakspov.com

Photos: Tumblr